Why Simple Skin Care is Good For YOU

As a licensed esthetician one of the things that has often frustrated me is seeing skin care products with over 50 ingredients in them-when most of them are unnecessary or fillers.  Sometimes people call those unnecessary ingredients the yuckies. They can be yucky because they are not particularly good for you, or they really are just unnecessary. Why do companies put so many ingredients in your skin care?  If you have sensitive skin the less ingredients in a product the less likely you are to have a reaction.  You can still have a great quality product with less ingredients as well.  Simple can often create more changes in your skin. I have been searching for a skincare line that has great quality ingredients that can also make a change in the quality of your skin.  When I was struggling to find a skincare line that I liked, I decided it might be time to create one with Dr. Santora.  The skin is the largest organ in the body.  Many things are absorbed through your skin.  It's important to pay attention to this and know what is going into your body.  Not all skincare is created alike.  I invite you to try the difference in your skin with simple ingredients, and a well-made product line.